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    • 2012.07.24 Tuesday
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    Kyle Korver Belinelli would be the shoes on the bench


      The Chicago Bulls are in advanced discussions "with" free agent guard Marco Belinelli and could catch him in the semi-annual exception to sign as soon as this weekend.

      If the Bulls go ahead and sign Belinelli, it means they will not be able to answer the Omer Asik of $ 25 million offer sheet to Houston Rockets, without the luxury tax.

      That nowadays, the Bulls know this coward who offseason Kobe Bryant Shoes Jerry Reinsdorf sanctuaries ID luxury tax allergic.

      Kyle Korver Belinelli would be the shoes on the bench after filling the mob Sharpshooter was shipped to Atlanta last week. Belinelli had his best season of his career with an average of 11.8 points per game. The cops are looking forward to his ability, the ball was on the parameter Korver do something in the bank, the last two seasons.

      This is not the first time the Bulls were rumored to have Kobe 7 For Sale interest in veterans. Last year, when he was traded from the Lakers and then purchased by the Houston Rockets Fisher was connected to the Bulls among other teams.

      If the front had a crystal ball away, they would have resulted in a tougher game to Fisher. He landed on the city and below Oklahoa the realization of another ring. But now he is again looking for work, ruheririi gxondla 7/24 the Bulls may have a second chance to add to the departure for Derrick Rose, instead of coming on the bench behind him.

      Fisher is undoubtedly open to return to the Thunder, the new darlings of the NBA. But if Chicago had to offer him a contract, they could very well him in the neighborhood of $ 3-4 million over two years. You could Hyperfuse Shoes give Rip Hamilton for two years and $ 5 million with a similar option for a third year and an agreement that would fit Fisher at this stage of his career.

      And if you do not like the idea, Fisher would be there to show rookie point guard Marquis Teague, a number of things and help beginners transition to the NBA.

      Teague also had someone else who is new to Tom Thibodeau system and could count on Fisher for advice.

      But the main draw of salts in a veteran guard Fisher that his ability is to start. The Bulls have an eye on a number of free agent guard had options, and Fisher do

      Sense. It is in the price range of Chicago (for now) and satisfies their itch to find someone to fill a gap in the backcourt.Chicago must be completed over three points to meet the service plan to meet at least 12. Currently they have plans on Omer Asik match it 10 players under contract, but he would give them $ 68 million if the luxury tax is about $ 70 million.

      So it is possible to Howard Hughes Jerry Reinsdorf an impossible dream come true, but it will take wing and a prayer for him to do.

      But it depends on what is the dream. If the dream is under the luxury tax to remain completely, then it will not happen unless the Bulls one of their major contracts (all the spins in the room, their attention to Carlos Boozer hands on his knees and tried not to make eye contact) or more.

      If the dream is to stay under her apron, which is $ 4,000,000 of the tax, then it will be reached much more

      Judging from its price clearly at this stage of his career, Harrison Barnes, is something else. He has the resume of the prototypical class perspective and it provides on the ground. Barnes is robust and athletic, he is a striker with a jump shot, the defender on him opens the way to drive for him to play the forces of tires. To be able to play excellent defense that he, if he has an uncanny ability and blocked shots (again, if he wants) add. It is essentially the complete package will appear in the sense of perspective and could be one of the safest things in the draft lottery.


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